Testimonial - Roger & Pamela Argüelles - Mystic, CT

It is a pleasure for us to be able to write this letter for Jeff Donath.

When we began the total renovation of our home on Cedar Road, we discussed our plans with several local contractors. After the initial meeting – we never heard from them again. Jeff was referred to us by a contractor working on a neighbor’s home. We asked him to stop by so that we could discuss our plans, thinking this would be just another contractor to add to our long list of “no calls.”

How surprised we were when he said our plans would work, and that he could begin work the following week. The job lasted for approximately 10 months, and during that time we were enormously pleased with Jeff’s work ethic, his honesty, and his old fashioned hard work and commitment to successfully complete the job. There were never any surprises in dealing with Jeff. If he saw a potential problem in something we wanted to do, he pointed it out to us well in advance of our making a mistake, and always offered alternative solutions.

Jeff was very open to my working with him during the job, and was more than happy to teach me things about the carpentry business that have been of great help since.

We would recommend Jeff unconditionally for any remodeling/construction project. In fact, we have recommended him many times, and five of our neighbors have utilized his services ranging from an addition to building a deck, as well as cabinetry.

Roger & Pamela Argüelles - Mystic, CT