Testimonial - Debby Carlton - Stonington, CT

We are very pleased to write on strong behalf of Jeff Donath and Jeff Kelly of Connecticut Coastal Construction. We first met “the Jeff’s” in early 2005, and they began renovation work at our home on Cove Road in March 2005. They worked steadily and without interruption through December 2005. They then turned to other commitments, and returned to our house over two periods in 2006 (two weeks in spring, and a month in the fall of 2006) to complete some final work. We have thus known them for almost two years.

We are extremely pleased with their work, and would recommend them without reservation for any type of restoration, renovation or new construction work.

In a word: superb.

Jeff and Jeff are dedicated, careful, meticulous workers who accept nothing but the highest quality in their (and others’) work. They see both the “big picture” — how the final product should look — and the daily details — considering every step, no matter how seemingly inconsequential, that will get us there in the best possible way. Jeff and Jeff are productive, cheerful, innovative, and imaginative. They work extremely well together — the very definition of a “well-oiled machine”. “Elegant” is the best word that describes their finished work.

Jeff and Jeff are concerned about many things that we have found almost totally wanting in many professional carpenters: a consistent work ethic (they show up every single day at 7: 15 AM!), the quality of their work, and how something will look in relation to the rest of the house, the overall aesthetics of the project, and — amazingly — the long-lasting, even permanent, nature of quality craftsmanship. They care about their work, and they care about what their customers think. They constantly ask if we have any questions or concerns, they check with us to make sure that what they are doing is exactly what we had in mind, and are very respectful about the home that they work in. All this — and a clean work site to boot!

We brought Jeff and Jeff aboard after a bad experience with a previous contractor. We had no idea — although we suspected! --just how shoddy and inept the construction was that we had had done previously, until we saw the kind of work that was produced from the Jeff’s careful hands. They turned around what had become a nightmare and turned our house into a home of which every visitor in the past two years has been in awe. They saved our home!

Finally, having Jeff and Jeff around for so long — well, they felt like family. We commend them for “raising the bar” in our eyes for what all professional carpenters should be and should aspire to. We are more than happy to talk with anyone about their work.

Jim & Debby Carlton - Stonington, CT