Renovation Services

Are you tired of your home being outdated? Are your rooms not positioned correctly?

Connecticut Coastal Construction offers a complete service to carry out your renovation needs.

Renovation Ideas include but are not limited to:

  • Enlarge your master bedroom
  • Enlarge your existing bathroom
  • Enlarge or replace your kitchen
  • Provide more bathrooms
  • Finish off your attic space
  • Turn your basement into living space
  • Re-face your kitchen cabinets with new doors and hardware
  • Incorporate your dining room into your kitchen space
  • Apply a custom design finish to your existing kitchen cabinets or walls
  • Replace your roof
  • Replace your windows and doors
  • Replace your weathered siding
  • Upgrade your electrical system
  • Install new technology heating and cooling system
  • Paint the interior and/or the exterior of your house or barn
  • Replace or refinish your hardwood floors
  • Gut the whole house and create a new floor plan

Additional Photos

Home renovation: before (left), during (middle), and after (right)

Accompanying garage renovation: before (left), during (middle), and after (right)

Connecticut Coastal Construction is a comprehensive company that handles all aspects of any renovation project. We proudly guarantee your complete satisfaction during all phases of the project.