Millwork Services

Custom millwork servicesConnecticut Cabinetry and Millwork is a custom shop that is equipped with all of the necessary machines to provide you with an unlimited amount of millwork service.

Connecticut Cabinetry and Millwork mills many of our own panels and moldings for each of our jobs. If you are looking to trim out your entire house or just need to add wainscot paneling to a room or crown molding to dress up the ceilings, Connecticut Cabinetry and Millwork will be able to match any existing styles or develop one for you.

CNC Router

Connecticut Cabinetry and Millwork’s team works with a highly accurate routing machine called a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC). This router allows us to drill, carve, rout, and cut materials with incredible accuracy and speed and to increase our productivity without sacrificing any quality.

CNC routers play a significant role when making an intricate custom piece. The CNC router can be used on wood, plastic, and even steel. The machinery provides accurate results and allows us to complete projects in a few hours that used to take several days.

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