Connecticut Coastal Construction is prepared to handle even the most complex of jobs. Here is a sample of the services we provide:


Is your home a historic home or barn? Would you like to keep it in good shape and to the original architecture and design of the building? Connecticut Coastal Construction built its reputation on performing top quality antique home restoration.


Has your home aged to the point you would like to move? Has your family outgrown your home? Are prices too high to afford a new home? Connecticut Coastal Construction will be pleased to provide you with options for renovating your current home to make it feel like new.

Sill Repair

Sills are structural beams or plates that rest on the foundation wall, which the rest of your house or barn is attached to. Structural sills are subject to deterioration due to humidity, water, and/or insects (such as ants and termites), which cause the wood to rot and disintegrate. Connecticut Coastal Construction specializes in sill repair to keep your home on a solid foundation.

Porch Repair

Consider talking with the specialists at Connecticut Coastal Construction about porches. Whether renovating, restoring or adding a brand new porch to your home, Connecticut Coastal Construction and its subsidiary company, Connecticut Cabinetry and Millwork, will happily handle all aspects of the job including the design, the installation and any custom features.


Consider talking with the specialists at Connecticut Coastal Construction about the possibilities for adding on to your home. Whether it be a porch, a small room or a larger wing, we are ready to work with you to complete your vision.

Custom Cabinetry

Are your cabinets looking worn, outdated or perhaps beyond repair? Connecticut Coastal Construction can provide you with cabinet renovation ideas for your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else in your home.


Has your home been partially destroyed by fire, flood, weather, or age? Do you need to replace windows, doors, staircases, moldings, or trimmings? Connecticut Cabinetry and Millwork will be able to match any existing styles or develop one for you.

Custom Work

Are you looking for a service not mentioned in our menu? Perhaps a building requirement such as building a porch, a gazebo or a shed? Connecticut Coastal Construction is flexible and willing to work with you to get the result desired. Contact Us for more information.